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Delacorte Lecture with Portfolio‘s Joanne Lipman

The editor on the role of the business glossy

Listen to audio of the talk by clicking here.

Condé Nast Portfolio has sometimes been called “the last great launch”: a reference to the cynical belief that the business-journalism glossy will prove to be the last major print magazine to be introduced into the media landscape.

The magazine’s editor, Joanne Lipman, doesn’t buy that. “I’m a big believer in the future of print,” Lipman says. “We are at this incredibly wonderful, exciting, creative, and frankly, for many people in the media industry, terrifying moment in time. We’re at a time when we really have to think creatively about news coverage, and about business news in particular….We have to think anew about how to deliver it, about how to define it, and even about who is the audience.”

Speaking at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism on March 13, Lipman discussed the future of business journalism, the role of the Web in that future, and one of the profession’s enduring truths: that, whatever its platform, great journalism stems from great reporting.

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