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August 2004

Mix Two Parts Talking Point with One Part Extra Sugar, Stir, Bake and Serve

Conventions provide an opportune time for savvy political operatives to dust off, wax, and buff an old talking point until... More

Down At the CNN Diner

Folksy ol' CNN has rented out the Tick Tock Diner, on the corner of 34th St. and 8th Ave, across... More

Sure Strikes Us as News

Yesterday, just 65 days before the election, U.S. Rep. Edward L. Schrock, a Virginia Republican, abruptly announced he wouldn't seek... More

Rip Off That Rep Tie, Give In to “Utter Release”!

Right-leaning bloggers covering the Republican National Convention are positively ecstatic this morning, falling all over themselves to describe a gratification... More

CNN: Where No Talking Point Goes Challenged

Just in case Rudy Giuliani forgot to hit an RNC talking point or two last night during his prime time... More

Onward Marches Campaign Journalism

The Blonde Babes for Bush (l to r, Amy Stephens, CindyMurphy, and Peggy Littleton) Any delegate gunning for air... More

Walking Backwards Into the Future

Walking backwards, about 200 reporters unwittingly led the United for Peace and Justice protest parade as it passed Madison Square... More

Swift Boats 101

The Republican National Convention seems to have provided some surcease from the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth controversy, after two... More

T-Shirt Chic and the Last Hurrah

Party time in New York, and, of course, the bloggers are mixing serious party business with, well, serious party business,... More

A Modest Suggestion: Put the News on Page One

Far away from the front pages, where political reporters routinely miscalculate and misreport the number of jobs erased and/or created... More

Sandra Endo on Flirting Candidates, “Colorful” Bush Comments, and Convention-Week Massages

Sandra Endo Sandra Endo covers local, state and national politics for NY1, where she has worked since 1998. Endo... More

The Boys and Girls on the Bus

Editor's note: Campaign Desk's Zachary Roth joined the campaign reporters accompanying Vice President Cheney on a bus tour of northeast... More

Hidden Is The Word for This News, All Right

This morning, yet more evidence of how Swift BoatGate has dominated mainstream media, and relegated serious election-year issues to the... More

Pretty Please, Just Once?

Yesterday, Campaign Desk offered a big-picture -- and rather damning, if we say so ourselves -- accounting of the press'... More

Uncharacteristically, AP Cuts to the Chase

When Vice President Cheney uttered an obscenity on the Senate floor in June, many readers were shocked to see that... More

A Thoroughbred Breaks Into His Gait

In a way, this is going to be cruel to watch, but instructive nonetheless. Same event; two reporters. Opening lines... More

Bees, Rats and Dancing at Republicans

The blogosphere continues to bubble with John on Jon reviews. Electablog's David Pell speaks for some unnamed group of people... More


News consumers haven't heard much over the past couple of weeks about the economy, terrorism, health care, or Iraq. Instead,... More

By Turns Doubtful, Doleful, and Downright Defensive

On Daily Kos, DemFromCT ponders how journalists will handle the new news about Abu Ghraib -- what with all the... More

Oh, Man, More Hard Work?

This morning's New York Times bashes the cable news networks for breathing renewed life into the Swift Boat Veterans for... More

“Who, Me? Naw, This Megaphone Is Just a Prop”

Campaign Desk had a good, gallows-humor-type chuckle when we saw this stunningly un-self-aware headline on Tom Raum's Associated Press piece... More

We Give These Guys a 5.275 on This Dive

Yeah, we know, you're probably getting tired of the Olympics by now, but don't seek surcease by retreating to the... More

Not All Letters are Created Equal

Here's a perfect example of where the press corps' obsession with "even-handedness" has led us: Reporters stretching to argue that... More

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

For members of the mainstream press arriving at work in a Monday morning fog, a virtual "to-do" list awaits you... More

Matt Labash on Dan Rather’s Jammies, Chipotle vs. Burrito Brothers, and Liberal Love for Distilled Spirits

Matt Labash Matt Labash is a senior writer at The Weekly Standard, where he has worked since 1995. He... More

Truth and Consequences

While they may not be getting the details right about the connection between the Bush administration and the Swift Boat... More

Running Swiftly Toward the Controversy

John Kerry's decision to come out swinging against attacks on his war record dominates campaign coverage today -- and in... More

President Bush Nailed by Cheese Cops

It all started yesterday, when CNN, Fox and The New York Times were content to transcribe and transmit President Bush's... More

Margin of Ignorance, Part Deux

This is your lucky day, dear readers -- two items from Cincinnati! In the wake of a Kerry campaign stop... More

“Enquiring” Minds Want to Know

Reporters get paid to ask questions, and most of them do, but today we ran across one who asked one... More

Olympic Miracles, Lying Liars and Randy Publishers

The Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez -- K-Lo to her friends -- is troubled by many things this morning, including John... More

Truth in Advertising

The New York Times business section today brings us news of an unconventional ad campaign for the city of Houston... More

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

Covering a speech by John Kerry at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention, Ron Fournier of the Associated Press writes:... More

Errors of Omission Can Distort As Well

Sometimes reporters get what they say right, but still short-change readers for lack of a few simple words of elaboration.... More

CNN’s Cheesy Coverage

Thanks to a Campaign Desk reader for flagging this stomach-turning CNN special. On yesterday's "Inside Politics," wedged between a segment... More

Something to Chew On, Finally

The campaign press is seemingly content to cover the 2004 election as if it were reporting on the antics of... More

Lust in Kerry’s Heart, Piped Letters, Wine & Cheese Tastings, and Cigar Bars

Conservative bloggers are having fun with John Kerry's assertion, in the new issue of GQ, that he likes a woman... More

Not Enough Sunshine in the Sunshine State

Last month, Campaign Desk exposed an oft-quoted Florida political science professor frequently presented as a non-partisan expert. Turned out he's... More

Hat Tip, Interrupted

Last night, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, to use Atrios' words, went "nuclear" on Matthew Dowd, a senior Bush-Cheney strategist and Hardball... More

It’s August, and the Dogs Are Eating the Dogs

The traditional August lull in election-year ads is a thing of the past, writes Liz Sidoti of the Associated Press.... More

Bush, Barnes, Brains and Beauty

Not much noteworthy political reporting in the major newsmagazines this week, though both Time and Newsweek have good coverage of... More

Renee Zellwegger - the New Ohio?

How many swing voter posts in one day is too many? We decide, you retort. Remember, back in the spring,... More

Which Poll Are You Reading?

Floridians have more important things to worry about at the moment, but it's worth noting, via Reason's "Hit & Run"... More

Herding Cats

Candidate alert! A new, heretofore unidentified group of untapped voters has emerged, waiting for wooing. This weekend, 175 members of... More

The God Squad

The Wall Street Journal has a knack for coming up with stories that prompt a "now why didn't I think... More

Ramesh Ponnuru on Slanted Media Coverage and Facing Off Against Peter Jennings

Ramesh Ponnuru is a senior editor at National Review, a conservative opinion magazine. He has covered national politics since 1995... More


This was the week in which we saw the press repeatedly and carelessly reprinting misleading or false claims, such as... More

Playing the Numbers

As he winds down his cross-country campaign swing, John Kerry has changed the subject, according to Jonathan Finer of The... More

Oops, They Didn’t Do it Again

Add today's story by Andy Lenderman of the Albuquerque Journal to the What Not to Do list. Lenderman reports that... More

Washington, Between the Sheets (of Paper)

Unbeknownst to most Americans, their elected representatives apparently spend the wee hours of the night hunched over their laptops, committing... More

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Max at Maxspeak is fed up with all the talk of Kerry's and Bush's military records. "The comparison is simple:... More

“And Now, Here’s Wolf Blitzer, Fresh Back From a Sitdown With Osama bin Laden!”

By Corey Pein Those are words you're not going to be hearing this election year -- nor probably next year,... More

Yucca: Mountain or Mole Hill?

Consider one of the more peculiar campaign issues to surface in recent days: Yucca Mountain. Never heard of it? (Hint:... More

AP: Do Not Ingest Without a Grain of Salt

Yet another book came out yesterday critical of John Kerry's Vietnam service and calling into question the circumstances surrounding the... More

He Said/She Said Rears His/Her Ugly Head - Yet Again

As we've suggested more than once before, it is a dereliction of duty when journalists report a campaign claim and... More

We Can See This One Coming

Now that the long-simmering media debate over Teresa Heinz Kerry, asset or liability, has finally been put in the crockpot,... More

Ganging Up on the New York Times

The New York Times slogan "All The News That's Fit to Print" takes a beating from the blogosphere this morning,... More

The Common Man As Parrot

For months now, Campaign Desk has watched as campaign talking points (or key lines from attack ads and campaign speeches)... More

Where Were You on Christmas, 1968?

Campaign Desk can't pass up a good John Kerry Vietnam story, so we eagerly clicked on a FoxNews.com report today... More

Pool Reporting

While regular readers of Campaign Desk may believe the world begins and ends with politics, it's time for a reality... More

Call it Too Close To Call

Feeling uneasy this August? Not quite able to pinpoint the source of your anxiety? Never fear, the newsweeklies are here... More

Media Critics Multiply

The scribes of the blogosphere came down with the Campaign Desk bug over the weekend and weighed in with their... More

Every Vote Counts - If It’s Counted

By Susan Q. Stranahan On November 2, millions of Americans will vote on computers, many of which may be vulnerable... More

Dan Froomkin on Blogs, Bush, and Online Whimsy

Dan Froomkin Dan Froomkin writes the White House Briefing column for the web site of The Washington Post. He... More

Ranting Under the Radar

Last night, a Campaign Desk reader watching the local news on the Fox affiliate in Rochester, New York, nearly fell... More

Taxes: Sheltered From the Truth

Yesterday Campaign Desk tipped our hat to the Wall Street Journal's David Wessel for his detailed dissection (subscription required) of... More

Swing Sect?

Forget Punk Republicans. The Associated Press thinks it has found the real voting bloc that could determine the next president... More

Alas, There Weren’t Any

Yesterday, ABC News ran a piece on the Missouri referendum to ban gay marriage by amending the state's constitution. ABC... More

Taking it Beyond He Said/She Said - Not Too Taxing After All

Today, one journalist makes the rare effort to examine and de-spin a campaign sound bite, and along the way to... More

He Said What?

This morning, President Bush made a beaut of a verbal gaffe. Speaking at the signing of a defense appropriations act,... More

Blogs in the USA

Mickey Kaus has found "valuable voter feedback for the Kerry campaign" buried in the comments section of the Donkey Rising... More

Asking the Wrong Question

This morning, "Fox & Friends" co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade interviewed author Bernard Goldberg, and discussion centered around what... More

Whatever Happened to the Two-Headed Dog?

The following question was posed yesterday afternoon on CNN's Inside Politics: Announcer: A divided America? John Edwards, speaking at the... More

Margin of Ignorance

Early on the morning of July 12, CNN anchor Heidi Collins turned to CNN Political Analyst Carlos Watson for an... More

Fineman vs. Fineman

Roger Ailes (no relation, apparently, to the Fox News chief) brings us a "measure of Howard Fineman's integrity." The Newsweek... More

Getting the Numbers Right - For Once

Be still, my heart. The Associated Press yesterday did something that news organizations (including itself) do all too seldom: The... More

Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Backwards

Reporting today on a batch of new post-convention poll results that seem to show a minor bump in support for... More

Messengers of the Message

There are things that are important, and then there are things that are on the covers of Time, Newsweek, and... More

Trivial Pursuit

A common refrain of media critics is that the press too often eschews substance for the most irrelevant aspects of... More

Follow the Bouncing Bounce

The only thing the political press loves more than a scandal is a poll. And Newsweek this past weekend did... More

Star Search

By now, we all know that Ben is on the bus and Whoopi caused a fuss. And reading the coverage... More

Poll Position

The battle is on to spin (or un-spin, depending on how you look at it) the poll numbers coming out... More

Charting the Real Bias of Reporters

John Tierney of The New York Times notes today that conservatives are complaining that John Kerry got good press during... More

New survey reveals everything you think about freelancing is true - Data from Project Word quantifies challenges of freelance investigative reporting

Why one editor won’t run any more op-eds by the Heritage Foundation’s top economist - A reply to Paul Krugman on state taxes and job growth made some incorrect claims

Why we ‘stave off’ colds - It all started with wine

The New Republic, then and now - Tallying the staff turnover at the overhauled magazine

Why serious journalism can coexist with audience-pleasing content - Legacy media organizations should experiment with digital platforms while continuing to publish hard news

The rise of feelings journalism (TNR)

“Bloom engaged in an increasingly popular style of writing, which I’ve discussed on my blog before, which I call “feelings journalism.” It involves a writer making an argument based on what they imagine someone else is thinking, what they feel may be another person’s feelings. The realm of fact, of reporting, has been left behind.”

Things a war correspondent should never say (WSJ)

“The correspondent retelling war stories surely knows that fellow correspondents had faced the same dangers or worse”

On WaPo trying to interview a cow (National Journal)

“‘I wasn’t milked on the White House lawn by a strange man,’ The Washington Post—the venerable institution that would later come to break the Watergate scandal and win 48 Pulitzers—quoted her, a farm animal, as saying”


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