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October 2007

They Did the Monster Mash

The “Hillary bombed” message has caught on in a flash…the thing is, though, she didn’t

As Liz pointed out earlier today, the MSM has offered divided perspectives on Hillary Clinton’s performance in last night’s Democratic... More

Would You Bomb Iran, Yes or No?

How journalists’ questions oversimplify the Iran debate

Sandwiched between the Clinton-bashing and UFO-sighting there was much talk of Iran at last night’s Democratic debate in Philly --... More

Clinton: Gleeful or Glum?

LAT Turns NYT’s Frowns Upside Down

Call it one of those were these reporters watching the same debate? moments. According to The New York Times' account... More

Nightline proves PEJ study right

Airs fluff piece on the family of fourth-place candidate

Almost as if daring us to write something critical, last night ABC News' Nightline aired what can only be called... More


The contractor story needs the scrutiny of the business press

We’re delighted at the volume and depth of coverage of government contracting lately, an area too long neglected by the... More

So That’s What It’s All About!

Presidential campaigns (and coverage), explained

The Gloves! They're coming off! Tonight! Isn't it fun to say? (It must be, all the TV types are saying... More

The Remarkable Larry Silverstein Story

How the FT (and others) were had by a huckster

First of two articles We here at The Audit understand the constraints under which the business press operates, and we’re... More

Want to be a Journalist for Halloween?

Why was it so easy for FEMA to pretend to be the press?

It’s hard to fathom what exactly the folks at FEMA were thinking. This weekend we found out that at a... More

Boob Tube

NBC: Giving the people what they want

A new poll by The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press focusing on the public's perception of... More

Horse-Race Season

It’s early, but the press is already behind

It's amazing, but perhaps not all that surprising. As critics continue to pick apart the media's coverage of the wars... More

Business Talks

Regular folks walk

Yesterday, Charlie Rangel, Democratic chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, released an ambitious tax reform plan. According to... More

Mock the Vote

Colbert’s campaign and the media: “Together, I am going to change the world”

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Tim Russert hosted, among other guests, a stuffed puppet. And, no, that’s not a euphemism.... More

The MSM blogs!

Is a new pecking order emerging?

Well, here's something new--politicians are taking blogs seriously! The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz dropped this juicy little tidbit in his... More

A Clean Scoop on Merrill, Etc.

NYT pries out Merrill Lynch chief’s surprising merger parlay; other Friday business thoughts

The New York Times beat the world with a story by Jenny Anderson and Landon Thomas Jr. that says Merrill... More

Fox News Fans Flames

With help from a clearly reliable source

Just after 6:30 yesterday morning, Fox News reported that "unrelenting winds continue to spread wildfires across SoCal." Concomitantly, Fox News... More

Glass Half Full

While journalism’s job pool shrinks, j-school enrollments expand

The U.S. newspaper industry has suffered thousands of job losses since the turn of the century, creating a sense of... More

The “Other” Water Problem

Journalists turn from rising seas to shrinking reservoirs

In a long, New York Times Magazine cover story last weekend, Jon Gertner envisioned a dry future in the American... More

The Interrogation of Abdallah Higazy

So far, press accounts have missed the point

Abdallah Higazy is the Egyptian student unlucky enough to stay the night of September 10, 2001, on the fifty-first floor... More

Baseball, pandering, and the long campaign season

Who do you root for?

You know it's a long campaign season when questions about a candidate's baseball allegiances are splashed across the front pages... More

British Persuasion

With Guardian America, the British paper tries to cross the pond

I’m probably jumping the gun here, but I’m a little surprised about the launch this morning of the Guardian America... More

Richard Mellon Scaife

and his lawsuit of treasures

Yesterday The Washington Post ran a long article detailing the marital and legal troubles of Richard Mellon Scaife, publisher of... More

The Audit Recommends: Nocera on Fox Business, Others

Nocera on Fox Business News; New York Magazine piece on Gawker; WSJ on an Iraq corruption probe, and more.

The New York Times's Joe Nocera is funny and perceptive in his column over the weekend in which he reviews... More

Missing MGM Mirage Macau Mob Material

NYT and WSJ leave out key facts about an Atlantic City casino announcement

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal both rolled snake-eyes in covering MGM Mirage’s announcement earlier this month... More

Financial Timeszzzzzz

Two earnings stories on page one doesn’t get it done

We like to read about earnings about as much as the next business-press-critic operation—that is, hardly at all. But... More

The Chip on Sanchez’s Shoulder

General takes offense at being called “somewhat dense”

Even though I’m a bit late to this, it’s worth following up on my post from Monday about the coverage... More

Shafer Grasps at a Straw

ProPublica’s funders know journalism when they see it

Jack Shafer, in his most recent Slate column, trains his sights on the recently announced ProPublica non-profit investigative journalism initiative.... More

Dow Jones’s False Dawn

DJ’s promising future will benefit not an independent newspaper company, but News Corp. shareholders and Rupert Murdoch.

Dow Jones & Co. reported its third-quarter earnings this morning, and, really, as a shareholder, I couldn't ask for better... More

Poll or Prophecy?

An old problem meets a new audience

Nearly two weeks ago, The Washington Post and ABC released a poll which was the first to show Clinton gaining... More


PBS’s tailored documentary

It’s fitting that Six Days in June—the documentary film reexamining the 1967 war that was a crucible for today’s Arab-Israeli... More

Shales Shanks It

Takes Matt Lauer down for what, not smacking Larry Craig harder? Please

If Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales is in the business of holding people to unfair standards, then business is... More

At or Above-Prime Subprime Primers

With video, charts and well-chosen words, the business press catches readers up on a spiraling crisis

Non-business press readers are probably asking themselves whether they should be worried about the ongoing crises in the housing and... More

Outing Godzilla

An Internet crack in the Chinese wall

If you view any news article online, some server, somewhere, will record your computer’s IP address. If you want to... More

Pride of Place

A veteran editor trades the corner office for the newsroom floor

Sarah Liebowitz was nervous. In the smallish newsroom of the Concord Monitor in New Hampshire in June, a new reporter... More

Roundtable Revelations

Reporters talking about themselves… and speaking volumes

It's weird. Watching journalists shooting the breeze about, and making predictions about, a contest they're helping to shape -- and... More

“Bruising” Press Critique, Bruised Ego?

What the NYT left out of its Ricardo Sanchez story

It was shocking enough to read on Saturday morning that another retired general was lambasting the Bush administration’s conduct of... More

Salih’s Story

Slain Iraqi reporter knew the risks he faced

In an interview in The Washington Post's Baghdad compound back in January 2006, one of the newspaper's stringers insisted that... More

Not so huge, after all!

Mickey throws stones, but Kaus made of glass

Update: The Edwards affair allegations? False and false. Both sides say so. While denials, of course, don’t necessarily guarantee falsity,... More

VNR Redux

Anyone surprised that local TV keeps airing fake news?

Seems our old friend, the Video News Release, is back--or more likely, never left us in the first place. The... More

Fuzzy Connection in the Journal

A good telecom yarn misses the larger point by an Iowa mile

The headline is catchy: “How 2 Guys’ Iowa Connection Took Big Telecoms for a Ride.” This article appeared October 4... More

This is huge!

But, says Kaus, “the MSM really doesn’t want to report it”

Pop quiz: Say you’re a political blogger for a respected Web publication. You come across an article in a, well,... More

Inhofe In The Crosshairs

Senator Makes 2008 “Dirty Dozen” List

The novelties of this presidential race have captured so much media attention that the need to also elect a suite... More

Can Hitch Make Al Run?

Nobel idea echoes today in the MSM

Does the cantankerous Christopher Hitchens control the media? I’m beginning to come to that scary conclusion after scanning the papers... More

What was CBS thinking?

Disclosure statements aren’t a cure-all

At the risk of over-analyzing this one, let's just say up front that CBS' Rita Braver, whose husband--lawyer Robert B.... More

By The Numbers

AP shows how to write a debate story

"Thompson Stays On Script," reads the headline on Wednesday's Liz Sidoti-bylined Associated Press article about Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate.... More

Private Matters

A new push to rein in the tabloids has British reporters on edge

One of the biggest scandals to engulf the British press since princess Diana’s death began with a trivial bit of... More

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…Robobug?

“A jet-black dragonfly hovering about ten feet off the ground, precisely in the middle of 7th Avenue…watching us.”

No, it’s not April 1. Just wanted to throw out that reassurance to readers of The Washington Post, who might... More

After The Storm

Times-Picayune staffers remember and rebuild

In November of 2005, CJR ran a piece by Douglas McCollam profiling heroic efforts at The Times-Picayune to cover New... More

An Above-Prime Collaboration

ABC News and NYT combined to help KO substandard subprime lender.

On the subject of business-news coverage of Citigroup and suprime lending, Diana B. Henriques of the New York Times reminds... More

The Frost Story

Bloggers portray a different “reality”

The fight over a bill calling for a $35 billion increase in funding for the SCHIP program, (passed by both... More

Low-Hanging Fruit

SacBee: Enviro-Journalists are Softies?

Whoa now. It's not often that I see another media critic writing about environmental journalism. The notion that we need... More

Klein Whine

Hey Iowa: What About Me?

Iowans, in an effort to preserve their first-in-the-nation status, may caucus on January 3rd and/or fifth this year -- a... More

Which Came First?

Joe Biden answers an age-old question

It’s not quite chicken and egg territory, but it’s an equally endless query nonetheless. What leads to what? Does a... More

Education or Indulgence?

Monitor series reaches out to global-warming skeptics

Not many diplomats shared Czech President Vaclav Klaus's opinion about global warming at a special meeting of the United Nations... More

Dart to The Oregonian

Send tips and comments to

Dart to The Oregonian for rolling over an obvious mathematical mistake, and thereby opening up otherwise admirable reporting to attack.... More

More on Citi and the Business Press

LAT and NYT editors make fair points, provide valuable teaching moment

Editors from major dailies on both coasts wrote to say I blasted with too wide a blunderbuss last week in... More

Clinton Vows to Protect Science

Says she will reverse the political interference of the Bush years

Hats off to Hillary - she made a smart play yesterday, using the fiftieth anniversary of the Sputnik launch to... More

Wasting Away in Guantanamo

A Journalist’s Lawyer Reports

CJR’s July/August issue featured a long story on Sami al-Haj, an Al Jazeera cameraman imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay with only... More

Why Jon Lee Anderson doesn’t like embedding

The too-close-to-the-troops notion is flimsy

Yesterday, at a lunch hosted by the Committee to Protect Journalists, New Yorker writer Jon Lee Anderson shared stories of... More

Bumped for Britney

Thesis Meets Evidence at CNN

What happened after CNN invited author Jake Halpern to discuss “Fame Junkies,” his book on America’s deleterious obsession with celebrity?... More

What Journalism Can’t Do

In covering catastrophe, how can journalism make a difference?

Suppose you volunteer to participate in a psychological experiment. You answer a set of questions and receive a small cash... More

The Unpeaceful Rest of Mohammed Al-Dura

How French 2 could have quelled the controversy

No single event was responsible for igniting the Second Intifada, which began seven years ago and effectively killed off the... More

Milbank on Blackwater

How WaPo columnist distinguished himself

It's hard to find anything new under the sun when cracking open the morning papers to read the accounts of... More

ABC News leads the way

in trying to bring foreign news to the U.S.

Good for ABC News. While news organizations are cutting staff and closing news bureaus all over the world, it looks... More

Tale of Two Citis

It took an obscure magazine to reveal how Sandy Weill built his empire on subprime lending. Why?

A long time ago, before the turn of the century, subprime lending was a marginal business—economically, ethically, every way. The... More

Foul Ball

Clinton’s Baseball Answer Doesn’t Matter

Last Wednesday, Tim Russert batted cleanup at the Democratic debate with a softball question: Red Sox or Yankees? While I... More

There’s No Silencing This Ring

Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre cell phone etiquette

It’s no fun to be one of those moralizing prigs lamenting the up-close-and-personal treatment the presidential candidates are getting this... More

WaPo and the Freep lead the way

And show what newspapers should become

For all that the press ignores, fouls up, and under-covers when it comes to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan--and... More

Yale Launches Climate, Media Forum

Aims to improve communication between scientists and the press

The consensus on how to improve news stories about climate change is even more solid than the consensus on global... More

The Second Draft of History

Where newspapers fall short, news books continue to succeed

When William Russell telegraphed his reports from the Crimean War to The Times of London in 1854, English readers learned... More

Will John Burns Get Scolded…

like Michael Gordon and Linda Greenhouse?

I'm curious to see what the reaction of The New York Times will be, if any, to John Burns' comments... More

New survey reveals everything you think about freelancing is true - Data from Project Word quantifies challenges of freelance investigative reporting

Why one editor won’t run any more op-eds by the Heritage Foundation’s top economist - A reply to Paul Krugman on state taxes and job growth made some incorrect claims

Why we ‘stave off’ colds - It all started with wine

The New Republic, then and now - Tallying the staff turnover at the overhauled magazine

Why serious journalism can coexist with audience-pleasing content - Legacy media organizations should experiment with digital platforms while continuing to publish hard news

The rise of feelings journalism (TNR)

“Bloom engaged in an increasingly popular style of writing, which I’ve discussed on my blog before, which I call “feelings journalism.” It involves a writer making an argument based on what they imagine someone else is thinking, what they feel may be another person’s feelings. The realm of fact, of reporting, has been left behind.”

Things a war correspondent should never say (WSJ)

“The correspondent retelling war stories surely knows that fellow correspondents had faced the same dangers or worse”

On WaPo trying to interview a cow (National Journal)

“‘I wasn’t milked on the White House lawn by a strange man,’ The Washington Post—the venerable institution that would later come to break the Watergate scandal and win 48 Pulitzers—quoted her, a farm animal, as saying”


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