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We’re glad you’re here. This is the new Web site for Columbia Journalism Review. It merges two previous CJR sites ( and CJR, and we believe it will provide readers with more than the sum of the parts. Look for fresh content every day — sharp and timely reported press analysis from our online staff; deeply reported media criticism from the print magazine; specials and interactive features to advance the conversation about the performance and problems of the press; as well as some old favorites, such as Language Corner, a guide to writing in English, and Who Owns What, our guide to media ownership. We’re beefing up our coverage of political journalism with the relaunch of Campaign Desk, of business and economic journalism with a reinvigorated Audit column, and of science and environmental journalism. As we roll out and finish the redesigned site, we’d love to hear your reactions. E-mail us at Bookmark us and visit often.

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Sept / Oct 08

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