In 2006, CJR staff writer Paul McLeary reported from Iraq on how the press was doing its job there. These are all of the installments in his series.

02/06/2006: In Iraq, the Untold Stories Pile Up, One by One by One - FALLUJAH, IRAQ - The fact is, with the press in Iraq stretched thin, the grinding, day-to-day reality of the war is essentially being forgotten

02/02/2006: Embedded with a Night Patrol in Fallujah - FALLUJAH, IRAQ - Curfew falls at 11 p.m. each night, after which anyone found out on the street is considered a target

02/01/2006: On Patrol In a Tense Fallujah - FALLUJAH, IRAQ - No more than a minute after leaving the base, we swung a hard left and were bouncing down the streets of Fallujah, kicking up a dust storm in our wake

01/30/2006: With Echo Company of the Second Marine Division - FALLUJAH, IRAQ - The “media tent” at Camp Fallujah may be nothing more than a couple of dusty bunk beds with muddy pillows, but the chow isn’t half bad

01/27/2006: “The Party’s Pretty Much Over” - BAGHDAD, IRAQ - As media outlets pull out of Iraq, the journalists that remain are a hardened bunch, angry at their inability to move around—and becoming increasingly isolated

01/25/2006: “The Party’s Pretty Much Over” - BAGHDAD, IRAQ - Chivalry and black-framed glasses may fly in New York City, but it’s a different game in Baghdad.

01/20/2006: Getting Out of Baghdad Is As Hard As Getting In - BAGHDAD, IRAQ - For reporters, Iraq turns out to be a very small world

01/19/2006: Neil Cavuto Doesn’t Look Any Better from Iraq - BAGHDAD, IRAQ - Camp Stryker is a place where travel plans go to die.

01/18/2006: Further Adventures in (Attempted) Embedding - “I hate how the media is covering this war,” a Kellogg Brown & Root contractor at the Kuwait airport snarled when he found out I was a journalist.

01/17/2006: Kuwait, Coffee, and C-130’s - CJR Daily’s correspondent, on his way to Baghdad, gets a military-sanctioned tour of Kuwait City—including plenty of Starbucks franchises.

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Paul McLeary is senior editor of Defense Technology International magazine, and is a former CJR staffer.