Dispatches from Iraq

All the entries in Paul McLeary's series

In 2006, CJR staff writer Paul McLeary reported from Iraq on how the press was doing its job there. These are all of the installments in his series.

02/06/2006: In Iraq, the Untold Stories Pile Up, One by One by One - FALLUJAH, IRAQ - The fact is, with the press in Iraq stretched thin, the grinding, day-to-day reality of the war is essentially being forgotten

02/02/2006: Embedded with a Night Patrol in Fallujah - FALLUJAH, IRAQ - Curfew falls at 11 p.m. each night, after which anyone found out on the street is considered a target

02/01/2006: On Patrol In a Tense Fallujah - FALLUJAH, IRAQ - No more than a minute after leaving the base, we swung a hard left and were bouncing down the streets of Fallujah, kicking up a dust storm in our wake

01/30/2006: With Echo Company of the Second Marine Division - FALLUJAH, IRAQ - The “media tent” at Camp Fallujah may be nothing more than a couple of dusty bunk beds with muddy pillows, but the chow isn’t half bad

01/27/2006: “The Party’s Pretty Much Over” - BAGHDAD, IRAQ - As media outlets pull out of Iraq, the journalists that remain are a hardened bunch, angry at their inability to move around—and becoming increasingly isolated

01/25/2006: “The Party’s Pretty Much Over” - BAGHDAD, IRAQ - Chivalry and black-framed glasses may fly in New York City, but it’s a different game in Baghdad.

01/20/2006: Getting Out of Baghdad Is As Hard As Getting In - BAGHDAD, IRAQ - For reporters, Iraq turns out to be a very small world

01/19/2006: Neil Cavuto Doesn’t Look Any Better from Iraq - BAGHDAD, IRAQ - Camp Stryker is a place where travel plans go to die.

01/18/2006: Further Adventures in (Attempted) Embedding - “I hate how the media is covering this war,” a Kellogg Brown & Root contractor at the Kuwait airport snarled when he found out I was a journalist.

01/17/2006: Kuwait, Coffee, and C-130’s - CJR Daily’s correspondent, on his way to Baghdad, gets a military-sanctioned tour of Kuwait City—including plenty of Starbucks franchises.

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Paul McLeary is senior editor of Defense Technology International magazine, and is a former CJR staffer.