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CJR Podcast: The Case of the Vanishing Book Review

A panel discussion about books, journalism, and the culture that binds them

By The Editors  

The September/October issue of Columbia Journalism Review focuses on books and their connections to newspaper journalism. To further explore the themes in Steve Wasserman’s cover story, “The Case of the Vanishing Book Review,” we hosted a panel discussion on September 19. Five book-world experts—Wasserman, Peter Osnos, Elisabeth Sifton, Carlin Romano, and Mark Sarvas—took the case on and engaged in a lively blend of dialogue and debate that addressed some heady questions: Should book sections be essentially populist? What makes them elitist? Why are they shrinking, and how are reviews faring on the Web? How will books themselves thrive in an increasingly digitized world? And what makes a book review any good in the first place?

An audio recording of the event is below. We hope you enjoy it.


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