Best of 2012: Dean Starkman

The Audit chief's best of the year

A Narrowed Gaze — How the business press forgot the rest of us.

What McClure Said: “The Story is the Thing” — Clearing space for the agenda-setting narrative in digital journalism.

The reporter who saw it coming — Mike Hudson thought he was merely exposing injustice, but he also was unearthing the roots of a global financial meltdown.

The Washington Post needs a paywall—now — A strategic error needs to be reversed, stat.

The hamster wheel vs. the quality imperative. The real problem with JRC/Advance free model and the unappreciated benefit of a paywall.

MSM: port in a storm — And social media was not as useful as I’d thought it’d be.

Facing up to the high cost of free news. Is there a quality argument to support the digital ads-only model?

Digital goes first at the FT
— The Financial Times now has more digital subscribers than print ones; running the numbers.

A WSJ ‘A-hed’ covers the same topic twice — Tapping on the glass of a barometer for quality.

Ingrassia’s balancing act — Thoughts as The New York Times business editor steps aside.

Are newspaper audiences really shrinking? — A dialogue with Alan Mutter.

The real problem with that Dealbook conference — In a reputational transaction between Wall Street and a newspaper, guess who wins?

Dean Starkman Dean Starkman runs The Audit, CJR's business section, and is the author of The Watchdog That Didn't Bark: The Financial Crisis and the Disappearance of Investigative Journalism (Columbia University Press, January 2014). Follow Dean on Twitter: @deanstarkman. Tags: , , , ,