Advice for Gibson: “Think of Your Children” is asking what Charles Gibson should ask Gov. Sarah Palin during The First Palin Interview later this week. Along with suggestions for specific questions (world leader pop quizzes, Fannie and Freddie, global warming, sex ed, etc.), readers are advising (begging?) Gibson not to go soft:

PLEASE don’t do the regular “walk along the shore/family background/shucks, we’re just folks” type of interview filled with softballs, no follow-up, and just accepting it when they don’t address your questions - this is too important to not do your job…


Please, please don’t ask the usual softball, cream puff questions that are the hallmark of network news…[P]lease don’t grovel because you got the first interview. Stand up, be brave…


I have a very simple request: please conduct a serious interview with a political candidate about whom so little is known… Just stick to serious politics, issues, and press her when she avoids answering in full or simply spins. Do this as you would with any politician, but please spare us the “human interest” nonsense… Just once pretend that we still have serious journalists, and leave the silly stuff to the tabloids.


I’ve watched ABCNEWS for years, ever since I was a cub reporter. I have pretty low expectations that you will do a hard news interview with a Republican — particularly since I’m sure the McCain campaign is ONLY granting interviews is reporters show “respect and deference” to their celebrity pitbull. Yet, for a moment, think of your children and grandchildren. Think of your legacy…

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.