Another Hopeful Headline

“One hesitates to be too hopeful,” Megan wrote earlier today, pointing to HuffPo’s “HELLO ECONOMY, GOODBYE LIPSTICK” headline and other evidence suggesting that campaign coverage may, possibly, be taking a turn for the serious and substantial.

Here’s a similar headline now from the AP: “Forget the lipstick, economy takes over campaign.” (Is that an AP “Note to Self?”)

Here’s hoping. But then there’s this in the AP piece:

The presidential campaign had taken an odd turn to side issues - Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere” and moose-hunting, Obama’s crack about lipstick on a pig - after McCain’s surprise pick of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. There was a fascination with huge crowds attracted by Palin. But the collapse and merger of some of Wall Street’s legendary companies forced a return to reality seven weeks before the election.

Hold on. The “”Bridge to Nowhere” (Palin’s repeated, factually-challenged claim to have said “Thanks, but, no thanks” to it) may, in the grander scheme of things, be a “side issue” but it is not on the same level as ‘PigGate, which I’d call a “side-show non-issue.”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.