Christiane, I wrote you a song

Among the many Christiane Amanpour tidbits doing the rounds in the lead-up to her debut on This Week Sunday, we were tickled to learn that as well as the new host, the program will get new theme music. From The Washington Post’s The Reliable Source blog:

Also debuting along with Amanpour on Sunday: brand-new theme music for the show, by trumpeter Chris Botti — yes, trivia geeks, the winsome musician who dated Katie Couric a few years back. ABC reps said that Botti, a fan of the foreign correspondent, volunteered the idea to the network and partnered with veteran music producer David Foster to write and perform the snappy new fanfare.

We all know themes are as important in setting the mood for news programs as they are for WWE wrestlers. And we hope Botti’s tune can match the gravitas of his idol.

On the subject of news themes, we were also tickled to find musically inclined English comedian Bill Bailey’s riff on this unique music genre. Check it out:

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Joel Meares is a former CJR assistant editor.