Friedman’s 4th Rule For Successful Web Journalism


Asked to give some “tough love” to Web-wary magazine editors assembled at a recent conference, MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman came up with “8 simple rules to ensure success on the Internet” (really bringing down the hammer on his audience with rules like “Have an attitude”).

As the first person to comment online on Friedman’s Rules pointed out: “Jon…you left out the most important point of all… allow reader FEEDBACK!”

The fourth commenter concurred: “[T]he feedback is 1000 times more entertaining and enlightening than stories like yours!!!! “

And the tenth commenter tried mightily to prove that point while referring back to Friedman’s Rule 4 (“Entertain”):

Definitely entertain them! Marketwatch succeeds at that by presenting readers with happy, lighthearted fairy tales about our friend, Mr. Market, and the intrepid, hardworking folks at our beloved investment banks who make sure that Mr. Market is a golden tower of honest, red, white and blue capitalistic opportunity….

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.