Has Scarborough Been In Touch?

Joe Biden’s recent “mark my words” words — and the way the press has handled them — were all the talk on MSNBC this morning. Said Joe Scarborough:

You know, we’ve been talking about the media coverage of this. I’ve been e-mailing people at the other networks. We covered it last night. I’ve been e-mailing people at top news papers. They are going to cover this today. They wanted to see how McCain reacted. McCain’s reaction makes it more of a story…It will be covered.

Whether you think coverage of Biden’s words to date has been sufficient or lacking, what a sad general commentary on campaign reporting (not that Scarborough seemed to notice): we were waiting for the he-said to, you know, make it more of a story.


“Biden predicts international crisis if elected - McCain reacts”.

Among others….

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.