With The Guardian owning the “expensive, risky, time-consuming, stressful—and indispensable” investigative reporting related to the phone hacking scandal, as Dean highlighted yesterday over at The Audit, what has that left for other British media outlets? Well, the London Evening Standard (isn’t that the free one?) yesterday had this:

No one is claiming that Rebekah Brooks’s hair cast a spell over Rupert Murdoch for all those years.

Nor are they suggesting that the mysterious power wielded by a frothy mass of in-your-face russet curls tells the untold story behind one of the greatest scandals of our times. Because that would be silly.

But what if it’s true?

And then, further along:

Big hair is always impressive. If you have it you either are important or you want to be. Big hair cannot be ignored. It is big for a reason.

In testimony before British lawmakers this morning, Rupert Murdoch has been heard blaming “people I trusted” and “people they trusted.” No fingers pointed, yet, at the big hair of people trusted.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.