You Read Us! You Really Read Us!

Know how Us Weekly sometimes runs pictures of famous people - and they’re candid photos, of course - studying the latest issue of Us Weekly at their local newsstand or trendy outdoor cafĂ©?

I guess this is sort of like that.

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren and Sen. John McCain discussing 100-Years-War-Gate Friday evening:

McCain: I’ve committed to a respectful campaign, and I’ll be respectful to [Clinton and Obama] and that’s what Senator Obama said that he would be to me. And then he goes around and distorts this comment of mine about 100 years. And I hope he won’t continue that, if he’s committed to a respectful campaign.

Van Susteren: I actually went back and read on-air [your] entire comment. You talked about — you compared Korea and Japan, you know, and I think it’s more the whole comment. And there was a lot said about that comment.

McCain: Columbia Journalism Review just said obviously [Obama’s] charges were false and so has every other objective observer…

My friends! John McCain reads CJR! Or does he…

Earlier that day, on Fox & Friends, Fox’s Gretchen Carlson may have planted a seed when she said this during an interview with John and Cindy McCain:

Somebody else who has been insulting you is Barack Obama…talking about that comment that you made with regard to 100 years… The Columbia Journalism Review called him out on that the other day…

Would a picture of a cable news anchor reading Us Weekly be Us Weekly-worthy?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.