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Podcast: Untangling the Facebook mess

Jan 18, 2018

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The Trump Issue: The year that changed journalism

Fall 2017

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Lens of an insider: Photographer defies media portrait of Chicago neighborhood

WHEN TONIKA JOHNSON walks into the Kusanya Cafe in Englewood, it is as if she inhabits a scene from one of her photographs. Neighbors drink from coffee mugs, and there’s small talk at the metal counter. The cafe’s fogged and frosted...

Jan 4, 2018

The Year in Journalism

The big players, best feuds, and more

It was a year dominated by a focus on our press-bashing president, when the scoops and push alerts threw the news cycle into overdrive. It was a year that saw continued financial challenges, and it ends with the industry in...

Dec 21, 2017

America’s growing news deserts

America's growing news deserts

The new information environment: digital fragmentation

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