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Talking to the minds behind ‘Inside Wagner’

Video journalism unmasks Russia’s secretive mercenary group

April 25, 2024
Credit: AP / Art by Katie Kosma

This week, host Josh Hersh dives into the world of documentary news. Amel Guettatfi and Julia Steers just won the Polk Award for Inside Wagner, their hourlong Vice News documentary on the Wagner Group—Vladimir Putin’s private army of militiamen. They discuss their unprecedented access to a military training operation in the Central African Republic, the unique challenges of doing this kind of reporting on film, and why, sometimes, video is the only way to tell the story.

Host: Josh Hersh
Producer: Amanda Darrach

Show Notes
Inside Wagner: The Rise of Russia’s Notorious Mercenaries, Amel Guettatfi and Julia Steers, Vice

Josh Hersh is an editor at CJR. He was previously a correspondent and senior producer at Vice News.