Nikole Hannah-Jones on the use of power

July 12, 2021

CJR · Nikole Hannah-Jones on the use of power


How do we report and contextualize the January 6 insurrection—or the greatest effort to suppress the vote since the Voting Rights Act was passed, in 1965, or the way political power is wielded in the US—without understanding the racial history of our country? 

On this week’s Kicker, Nikole Hannah-Jones—the new Knight Chair in Race and Journalism at Howard University, and a Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter for the New York Times Magazine—joins Kyle Pope, editor and publisher of CJR, to talk about her decision to decline tenure at the University of North Carolina, and her plan to turn Howard’s journalism program into a “firewall for democracy.”


Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Statement on Decision to Decline Tenure Offer at University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and to Accept Knight Chair Appointment at Howard University

Lessons from Nikole Hannah-Jones’s tenure battle, Lauren Harris, CJR

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