CBS goes GlobalPost-al

GlobalPost and CBS plan to make beautiful news together, according to this story by David Carr in today’s New York Times.

CBS is the latest media enterprise that the start-up international news Web site has added to its client list. GlobalPost already has partnerships with 25 news organizations that pay a fee to run syndicated GlobalPost articles, including the New York Daily News and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, for whom it recently did a special series on the recent G-20 summit there. GlobalPost has also recently partnered with PRI’s The World and the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS. But CBS is the first network news outlet that will be affiliated with GlobalPost.

According to the article, CBS will take advantage of reporting from GlobalPost’s 70 correspondents in 50 countries but will continue to produce the final broadcast product, themselves.

In the early going, at least, GlobalPost reporters will provide information, not work on the air, with CBS using its reporters and anchors to flesh out coverage for broadcast.

CBS News suggested that the alliance with GlobalPost, in which the network will pay a monthly undisclosed fee to the site, represents an expansion of the news divisions’ efforts to cover the rest of the world.

Read a Q&A with GlobalPost co-founder Charles Sennott here, and check out Sennott’s essay from the pages of CJR on launching the fledgling international news site less than a year ago.

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Alexandra Fenwick is an assistant editor at CJR.