New O’Keefe Recording Shows NPR Suggesting Anonymous Donation

James O’Keefe continues to stick it to NPR with a second tape—this time audio—released featuring a telephone conversation between senior director of institutional giving Betsy Liley and a man posing as Ibrahim Kasaam from the fictional Muslim Education Action Center. The video is here and the Daily Caller is reporting on it here. In the video, “Kasaam” asks numerous questions about his intended gift, but it’s the one surrounding taxes that is about to make (likely fleeting) headlines.

After Kasaam asks if NPR contributions come under government scrutiny, Liley says that the organization has been audited in the past. Then, she offers, “If you are concerned in any way about that, that’s one reason you might want to be an anonymous donor. And, we would certainly, if that was your interest, want to shield you from that.”

The point is reiterated.

Kasaam:So it sounds like you’re saying that, um… I mean, it sounded like you were saying that NPR would be able to shield us from a government audit. Is that correct?

Liley:I think that would be the case, especially if you anonymous. And I can inquire about that.

Politico’s Keach Hagey reports that Liley was placed on “administrative leave” yesterday.

We’ll look at this further as more develops but important to note that a) Liley nor NPR actually promised to make the donation anonymous at any point, b) no one has yet suggested what is so damaging about this donation being anonymous other than the fact we wouldn’t know it came from—gasp!—Muslims, and c) later in the tape, Liley actually talks about the donations NPR receives from a number of religious groups, including Jewish, Catholic, Lutheran, etc.

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