How Donald Trump’s media strategy emerged over decades

June 8, 2016
Illustration by CJR

Donald Trump has often been burned by the media, The New Yorker’s Mark Singer says, but it’s never stopped him from returning to the flame. Singer, who wrote a profile of the real estate magnate in 1997, is publishing a book on the now-GOP frontrunner this summer. And he says Trump’s love-hate relationship with the media in his presidential campaign echoes the one he crafted over decades in New York’s tabloid-driven media culture. 

CJR sat down with Singer and Washington Post Trump reporter Jenna Johnson to learn how the candidate’s checkered relationship with the press developed—and how reporters on the campaign trail feel when Trump launches one of his signature attacks on the press.

Correction: In the above podcast, CJR states that Donald Trump attacked Mark Singer in his 1987 book, The Art of the Deal. Trump actually attacked Singer in his 1997 book, Trump: The Art of the Comeback

This podcast was created by Columbia Journalism School students Suzie Xie, Laura Thompson, Valeria Ramirez Siller, Anayka Pomare, and Wendy Lu.

The Editors are the staffers of the Columbia Journalism Review.