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Not even ‘no comment’

Paul Farhi on the media’s struggles with relevance

June 24, 2024
Credit: AP / Art by Katie Kosma

Paul Farhi was a media reporter for the Washington Post until the end of last year. But instead of retiring, he’s been busier than ever, chronicling the seemingly endless stream of bad news stories about the media business, for outlets like The Atlantic and here at CJR.

He joins The Kicker to talk about traditional journalism’s struggles to stay relevant amid the boundless other means companies and high-profile individuals have to communicate with the public—and the growing number of people who say they avoid the news entirely.

You can read more about journalism’s apathy problem in CJR’s Election Issue here.

And read Farhi’s reporting on how some companies no longer feel the need to give any comment to a reporter, even when they think the story is wrong.

Hosted by Josh Hersh
Produced by Amanda Darrach
Research by Kevin Lind

Josh Hersh is an editor at CJR. He was previously a correspondent and senior producer at Vice News.