Friday Links: Foreboding, Cell-less, anti-Moores

The FT’s Gillian Tett feels a “sense of foreboding” about the current “rally fueled by cheap money,” otherwise known as a bubble. She says “it is crystal clear that the longer that money remains ultra cheap, the more traders will have an incentive to gamble (particularly if they privately suspect that today‚Äôs boom will be short-lived and want to score big over the next year). Somehow all this feels horribly familiar…”

— This amusing New York Times story looks at the brave few who willingly go without cellphones in this day and age. “The painstaking plans that people without cellphones must make to navigate the world show just how dependent the rest of us have become on our phones.”

The Wall Street Journal has a good A-hed on the anti-Michael Moores, filmmakers who include a guy who was in the Boy Scouts with Moore. “‘There’s been almost a dozen films that have been made against me,” Mr. Moore said in a recent interview at a theater in Flint. ‘There’s actually more films made attacking me than films I’ve made.’”

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