At 8pm, CNN Goes “Tangy” and “Spicy”

CNN has just announced the team that will take over Campbell Brown’s 8pm slot: Eliot Spitzer, the former Democratic governor of New York, and Kathleen Parker, the conservative commentator and Washington Post columnist.

What might we expect from this duo? Not “Crossfire,” CNN execs are quick to contend. What, then? Politico’s Mike Allen describes Parker today as “spicy.” The New York Times’s David Carr recently called Spitzer “a potentially tangy, risky choice” for CNN. Sound like an appetizing (curry-drenched) prime time combo? We’ll see if viewers have the stomach for it.

UPDATE: The obvious Lexis search for Kathleen Parker columns weighing in on Eliot Spitzer’s recent past? Turned up nothing. Did find this Parker quote dating from the Lewinsky era:

We’ve traveled so far from the reality of what America once was, where values were understood and agreed upon, that we don’t even notice when someone does wrong.

Notice what?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.