02/12/10: Regulating Health Care, Part II - Anthem Blue Cross exposes the holes in rate regulation

02/10/10: Health Reform on C-SPAN - Is that really the issue?

02/08/10: Is Health Reform Dead or Alive? - Wanted: a newsmaker to give us the word

02/05/10: The Cost of Living - How cardiologists used the press

02/01/10: Reality Check at the NewsHour - Obama nationalizing health care? Hardly

January 2010

01/28/10: A Path out of the Health Care Mess? - Still no guidance from the president

01/28/10: A Tale of Two Jonathans - Overusing sources and full disclosure—some lessons for the press

01/25/10: The Devil in the Details, Part V - The disabled still must wait for Medicare

01/22/10: Re-examining Massachusetts Health Care - Post-election comments from the MSM miss the boat

01/19/10: Health Care and the Massachusetts Senate Race - What’s bothering folks up there, anyway?

01/15/10: Who Was at the Table? - A clever lobbying tactic from the insurers

01/14/10: Regulating Health Care - Insurers and hospitals in Massachusetts snub the regulators

01/11/10: Stumbling over the Cadillac Plan Tax - Stephanopoulos tries; Romer fumbles

01/11/10: When Does a News Outlet Become a Press Agent? - Ben Nelson and the Fremont (Nebraska) Tribune

01/07/10: Kudos to The Charleston (West Virginia) Gazette - For localizing the great big health reform story

01/04/10: Dust-up at The Washington Post - And new questions about the new news services

01/04/10: Best of 2009: Trudy Lieberman - Lieberman picks her top stories from 2009


December 2009

12/23/09: Setting the Record Straight - The president, the press, and the public option

12/22/09: An Oops at USA Today - Exactly what was Ben Nelson’s position?

12/17/09: The Devil in the Details, Part IV - Who benefits from wellness incentives—an overweight colleague, your boss, insurers, or you?

12/15/09: Covering Joe - Is Lieberman a villain, or just taking care of the folks at home?

12/15/09: A Shout-out to the Associated Press - For exposing a big loophole in the health reform bill

12/14/09: The Next Most Underreported Health Reform Story - What will happen to SCHIP?

12/09/09: The Botox Beat - Using the press to fight a proposed tax on cosmetic surgery

12/08/09: What’s So Public about a Public Plan? - The language says it all

12/07/09: The Most Underreported Health Reform Story - And the senator from Nebraska

12/04/09: The Headlines Tell Us Everything - The Congressional Budget Office weighs in on premiums

12/03/09: Yes, Virginia, There Really Are Cost Controls - What miracle will bring down the price of medical care?

November 2009

11/30/09: The Man in the Middle - What Jeremy Devor’s story tells us about health reform

11/25/09: Missing Persons Redux - Insuring those at the very bottom

11/24/09: The Devil in the Details, Part III - Do the House and Senate bills really count as insurance reform?

11/23/09: Ron Wyden Speaks Out - Straight talk on affordability from Oregon’s senior senator

11/18/09: Laurel to the Missoulian - For telling the human story of health reform

11/16/09: Missing Persons - How will reform affect ordinary folks?

11/13/09: Do Doctors Always Tell the Truth? - No, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

11/11/09: Infant Mortality, Abortion, and WellPoint’s Tonik Policy - It’s dot-connection time for the media

11/10/09: The Doctors and the Disabled - Have the doctors won on fee cuts?

11/10/09: The Disabled and the Doctors - People with disabilities will still have to wait for Medicare

11/05/09: The Price of Medical Services - Is the conversation finally starting?

11/04/09: Health Reform Lessons from Massachusetts, Part IX - What does the public say?

11/02/09: The Devil in the Details, Part I - Who can afford health insurance after reform?

October 2009

10/30/09: The Times Misses the Mark - A health care lobbyist puff piece that goes nowhere

10/27/09: Dr. Coca-Cola on Call - The king of Coke teams up with the family docs

10/26/09: Truth Emerges about the Public Option - Who really will be allowed to join?

10/26/09: The Latest News from Massachusetts - Obama comes to talk about energy, not health care

10/22/09: Who Will Be at the Table? Part Seventeen - The docs are back for their piece of the pie

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